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Why coaching?

As Albert Einstein said, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them“. Coaching will help you reflect on the way you think in order to move forward when blocked.

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Reflections about being an immigrant

Immigration is a hot topic nowadays, with the refugee crisis in Europe, Trump and his infamous wall in the US… so I’d like to share with you some thoughts from my personal point of view as an immigrant. For the record, I’m from southern Spain and I’ve lived...
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On rabbits and mentors

Today’s post it’s going to be quite heterodox. Among other things, I’m going to start talking about rabbits. These furry animals which are cute to keep as pets, nicer and friendlier than cats, and with a less stinky pee. Outdoors, I bet that you also enjoy when...
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I didn’t find the time

As the year has recently changed I wanted to write a post about the new year resolutions. But I didn’t have time. Plus most of the self-development blogs have already done it. Later I thought in a post about what I learnt during 2016. I even started it, but I...
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Your magic notebook

Life is simple. It’s us who make it complicated. Often you don’t need big things to create the shift that you desire. Normally you just need your mind to evolve, but certain small stuff can help bring positive changes to your life. Sometimes this change is...
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On the road

Once upon a time there was a young man who suddenly found his purpose in life: travel around the world to meet every culture, race and tribe on Earth. One day he sold all his possessions but a small backpack filled with a few essential items, and started a nomad...
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The power of stories

Stories are powerful tools to use when you need to make a point. There is nothing like a short tale to transmit an idea or pearl of wisdom, considering that they are not only much nicer to digest than an aseptic speech on a certain topic, on top of that they are...
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All you need is love

This post is the first one of a series that I have in mind to bring attention to the fact that we are connected to others and to our environment, and we can either influence and be influenced by what happens around us. In this opening post I want to highlight...
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Coaching can fly you to the moon (or Mars)

  When I tell people that I’m becoming a life coach, most of them ask me: but what is this thing called coaching? I’ve been thinking for a while about how I could give an answer to this recurring question easily. I have found that there are many...
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Lessons from a 2 years old

The opportunity to learn comes at any moment and from any situation and person. Even from the smallest ones, the kids. You just need to be aware and keep your eyes, ears and heart open. This concept might be relatively easy to understand but difficult to perform....
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Opening words

Welcome! This is the place where I will unleash my writing skills and you will find interesting (and fun) content on diverse topics. Mainly I will post about personal development, but for sure I will include miscellaneous stuff from time to time. To give you an...
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