Once upon a time there was a young man who suddenly found his purpose in life: travel around the world to meet every culture, race and tribe on Earth. One day he sold all his possessions but a small backpack filled with a few essential items, and started a nomad life moving from country to country, spending the rest of his life on the road.

In one of his trips he reached a kingdom where everybody walked on one leg. People were born with functional limbs, but in the early childhood they were taught to use only one of their legs to move. Puzzled by this fact, he decided to ask around to the citizens he found on the streets to find out more about their rarity. But none of the residents of the kingdom wanted to talk to him, suspicious of that strange foreigner. After the whole day trying to talk unsuccessfully with someone, finally an old man in a wheelchair called him from the bottom of a dark alley. The traveller approached him, cautious, and even before the he could ask, the old man started to narrate him this story.

Everything began years ago, when the king Ludovico II wanted to implement a plan to make what he called “a step forward in society”. He commanded the army to find the oldest and wisest men from all over the kingdom, and once they brought them to the court he enclosed them in a tower untill they find an answer for his project.

The old wise men came out from the tower one year later with the solution. After a whole year of intensive research, they had unanimously reached the conclusion that one-leg walking should be the correct form of walking for humans. It was very clear, just have a look at Mother Nature! They explained to the king Ludovico II that lower animals like worms, crawl. Then there are the disgusting insects, full of legs (millipedes, centipedes, spiders, cockroaches…). When the vertebrates appeared the number of legs got reduced to mainly four (except for the horrible snakes and their involution to crawling!), and only the most advanced ones, the apes, use two. Thus, it’s clear that the number of walking legs is related to the evolution state of the species. Thereby the plan should be to teach every kid to use only one leg to move, expecting that in one generation the society will move to the next step in evolution.

And it has been like this since then -said the old man in the wheelchair. I was one of those wise men enclosed in the tower, the youngest one, and the only contrary to the plan. As I was only 39 years old by then they didn’t listen to me, even my vote didn’t count, so the decision was finally unanimous. They just wanted to get out of the tower. I have refused to walk in one-leg since then, so now I use this wheelchair to move. Only when I’m alone in this dark alley I can enjoy my two legs, walking, jumping, dancing… Would you dance with me, charming stranger?



Cool story, right? You may agree, although perhaps for you it sounds pretty ridiculous. But… what if I tell you that this is happening right now? Just change the legs for the brain, and this is exactly how we are educating our children. We are limiting their capacities instead of strengthening them. Schools kill creativity, as Sir Ken Robinson explained in the most viewed TED talk of all times. Check this other video from him for more information, explained brilliantly.

In Soturi Coaching we have the mission to unleash your potential, that’s why we have designed a monthly workshop on dynamic meditation to help you to give your first steps into meditation. If you have never felt the wonderful sensation of being in a deep state of body and mind relaxation, this is your chance. It’s never too late! Apart from the well-known benefits of meditation, it has been shown that putting your brain to work do have an impact reducing the risk to suffer cognitive diseases like dementia or Alzheimer in older ages. And this is the dynamic part, it is based in creative visualisations to reprogram your subconscious for improving your health and exercise your brain at the same time.

The continued practise of meditation will make you suffer less anxiety, and with lower stress levels you are less prone to disease in general. Many of the participants in these workshops report muscular pains disappearing right after the deep relaxation. Plus our brain is just like the rest of our body, it needs exercise. Remember to you take care of your body and mind today, you are going to be not only healthier now but also in the future.

This workshop is organised in three parts, the first dealing with the alpha level of the mind (deep relaxation state), the second about reprograming our subconscious through creative visualisations, and the last about unleashing your intuition.

So if you are around Helsinki by April 22nd 2017, I strongly recommend to attend!


Do you want to start practising meditation but don’t know how?
If you already practise meditation, do you want to go one step beyond?
This course is designed to help you understand and experience the basics of dynamic meditation.

What is Dynamic meditation?
The main goal of meditation is to relax completely to reach deeper levels of consciousness. There are many reasons to practise it: overcome stress and anxiety, increase your focus and productivity, improve your overall health… that’s why more and more doctors recommend it.
With dynamic meditation you use this deep relaxation state as a starting point to channel your inner focus to solve your day-to-day problems and get long-lasting benefits by consciously reprogramming your subconscious.
In other words, with this kind of meditation you not only empty your mind, but you put your mind to work for you.

[Note: this course is based in the Silva method for mind control, and NOT in the work by Osho]

What you will learn and experience
At this course you will know more about the basics of meditation: why and how it works, its benefits, and how to start practising it. If you already practise meditation but you want to go one step beyond, we will introduce and practise the concepts of dynamic meditation.

There will be theory and three complete relaxation-visualisation exercises. So please bring a notebook to take notes and comfortable clothes.

About the instructor
Fernando Guerrero holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, he is a certified Life Coach and a Silva Method graduate. Find more information here.

Lähde / Källan / Fount
Kasarmikatu 34 B 12. 00130 Helsinki (Finland)

Price: 35€ / 28€ (20% off for students, unemployed, and participants from the previous course).

For registrations and extra information: info@soturicoaching.com

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