About myself

Fernando Guerrero

If you are reading this there is a high chance that you are planning to start a life coaching process. The question is, am I the right coach for you? Well, now my question is: do you know what you want? I recommend you to think about the answer for a while, and then continue reading to find out whether we are compatible or not.

PhD in Molecular Biology and Results Certified Coach.

My story, in short

Originally from Spain, since the beginning of 2010 I’ve been living in Finland. I made my PhD studies between Seville (Spain) and Paris (France). Check here my CV for more info on my scientific career.

I moved North to start my post-doctoral research, but here I discovered the passion for life coaching. Somehow I found the Brain-Based Coaching Certificate course from the Leadership Institute (for more info google can do the rest), and I realized that most of my skills and interests matched with this thing called coaching. I could help people effectively by using a methodology which is based on brain science! Isn’t it awesome? So I took the course and soon I realized that that was the kind of job that I wanted to do.

After some practice with real clients I have evolved the method toward something more “me”. I believe that positive and lasting changes can only be achieved by changing the way we think and see the world. In other words, to generate a shift toward your goals you have to reprogram your subconscious. Coaching provides the necessary tools to improve your thinking, this is what makes it so effective. As a Silva method graduate and practitioner, I found that this classic method for mind control (again, google it for more info) is highly applicable in coaching, so I like to incorporate some of its techniques during the sessions when needed. Don’t be scared, it’s just a kind of dynamic meditation.

Apart from that, I am also a father of a 3 years old boy who tests daily my mind control abilities, an amateur musician, and an even more amateur martial artist. If interested you may read a bit more about those topics in this post.

So if after this brief introduction you feel that I may be your future coach, don’t hesitate in contact me for a free first pre-coaching conversation. I hope to hear from you soon!

Better and better,


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