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This is the place where I will unleash my writing skills and you will find interesting (and fun) content on diverse topics. Mainly I will post about personal development, but for sure I will include miscellaneous stuff from time to time. To give you an idea about kind of content that you may find in the coming posts, I’ll introduce you my other main interests which are not mentioned in the about.

To begin with the end, I am a Results Certified Coach, and my goal is to make a living helping people through coaching. This is why I created this small business called Soturi Coaching. I plan to use this posts to share with the world my personal ideas on self-improvement plus concepts from other authors that I find highly interesting and motivating. Most likely the majority of the content in this section will be on this topic.

Apart from that, I hold a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, what took me to perform research in different labs and countries for over a decade. I covered topics as biophysics, biofuels, synthetic biology, protein engineering… and by myself I have read a lot about evolution, about the human brain, and on the universe. Thus don’t discard the possibility to find some biology-brain-space science in this blog occasionally.

Off-science, there are 3 arts that I like to practice whenever I find some time: martial arts, music, and football. Yes, football can be an art too, if you don’t believe it, come to see me play! ^o^ But let’s better focus in the other two. About music, my main instrument is the trumpet, I have been playing it since the early 90ies, although with some interruptions in between due to work, moving to another country, raising a child… I enjoy also playing a bit the ukulele. I am currently interested in the field of improvisation, specially I’m curious on how the mind works to create on the go some melody which is unique, beautiful and ephemeral. So expect some jazz posts! Miles Davis for granted.

I have practiced different martial arts since the mid 90ies (also with some interruptions). I consider myself a karateka, but currently I’m hooked with a Filipino martial art called Kali Majapahit. Nowadays I practice both in parallel. I see a nice correlation between those martial arts and music. In my opinion, karate (specially the traditional styles) is like classical music, where you try to find perfection in the performance by practice and repetition. On the other hand you may find styles that encourage freedom and creativity on the execution, where the right hemisphere of the brain is put into action. You can find this freestyle in jazz and Kali Majapahit. I highly recommend to have this combo in whatever you do in your life: traditional/classical plus freestyle/creative. For sure I’ll elaborate this concept in a post to come.

I also love movies, series and books about zombies, but I cannot guarantee that I’ll write about that…

To start finishing this opening post, you can see that I’m quite a curious person, always in the search of knowledge to fuel my restless mind. Recently I have discovered the “learn by teaching” principle, mainly through martial arts while assisting to teach in some of the classes (I’m not yet a Sensei/Guro). Funny thing is that I feel a similar emotion during the coaching sessions. During the process of helping others to find their better selves (a.k.a. coaching) I also encounter a better me. At the end we walk together the path towards the improved version of ourselves. Do you dare to share the path with me?

Esta entrada también está disponible en: esEspañol

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