Life is simple. It’s us who make it complicated. Often you don’t need big things to create the shift that you desire. Normally you just need your mind to evolve, but certain small stuff can help bring positive changes to your life. Sometimes this change is ephemeral, like the smile of a random stranger that turns your morning mood from crap to cool. Some other times the change lasts much longer, let’s say forever, as far as you keep doing what the small thing has brought to your life. In my own experience, in recent times I’ve found that small thing that has made the biggest, positive impact in my life: a notebook. Yes, trust me (I’m a doctor!), a simple notebook may open a whole new world for you. But it cannot be any notebook though. It has to be YOUR notebook. THE notebook. YOUR MAGIC NOTEBOOK. Continue reading below to know more about how to choose it, suggested uses, and the benefits obtained.



Step 1: Choosing your magic notebook

This is crucial. You have to feel it. Make your choice relying on your intuition, not with a rational choice. There are two possibilities here, depending whether you already have one or you need to buy a fresh new notebook.

  1. You already have a notebook somewhere in a shelf and its image just jumped into your mind while reading this, use that one! This is your intuition making the choice for you. Probably after 3 seconds you started to think that better that other one, which is bigger and nicer, and was more expensive, and will last more… Don’t listen, this is your rational brain (left hemisphere) trying to make the choice for you. Stick to the first idea.
  2. If you need to buy one, incubate the idea of the notebook in your mind. Then just do your normal life, but be alert to signals. You will be walking around the city for some shopping when you will feel this urge to enter in a particular shop. Then somehow you end up in front of the notebook section, and suddenly your hand grab one. This is it! Again, ignore the rational side telling you that this is too ugly, too small, too cheap or expensive… Trust your intuition! I bet you’ll know when this is THE notebook.


Step 2: Quick start guide

Once you have it, write your name at the back of the cover or first page, and your phone and email too, in case you lose it. Write also the date, and keep the pen on the paper for some seconds, maybe your subconscious wants to add something else.

Bear the notebook with you 24/7. From now on try to carry it with you at all times. At work, commuting in the public transport, to courses (like this one) or classes… When at home, leave it visible and easily accessible, because you’ll end up using it more than you expected.


Step 3: Recommended uses

  • Take notes. Not really the kind of school notes, but things that you want to keep thinking later, or ideas that you don’t want to forget. Talking to people many brilliant ideas appear, but sometimes they just vanish some time after. As the saying goes: don’t give me the memory of an elephant, give me a pen and a piece of paper.
  • Plan the week and the month. Make a list of the goals you want to accomplish at the beginning of each week and month. This list making will force you to have a global vision of your goals. Remember to tick what you manage to do to get some brain reward due to the accomplishment.
  • Goal description. Once you have some goals, make a detailed list of how you want them to be, the desired attributes they must have. This is valid for whatever: if you are planning to find a partner, during jobseeking, to start a new project, move to another apartment, city, country… While making a list of the desired characteristics you are looking for you are visualizing what you want. And for sure it will be much easier to get it.
  • Draw! It seems silly, but this is really powerful. Even if you are not Picasso, by sketching on a paper you are using your right brain hemisphere, what is actually a kind of mild meditation. You’ll see how you feel more relaxed, and often new creative ideas come to your mind while drawing.
  • Dream journal. This is a cool thing: if you have it close to your bed, take it quickly once you wake up and write down the dream that you just had. Otherwise you are most likely going to forget it. And dreams are cool, they are like movies where you are the main character. And sometimes they contain useful information, but more on this in future posts.
  • Gratitude. It is widely accepted that showing gratitude brings you psychological benefits. Every day (a few times per week is OK also) write down a small list of the things for which you are grateful. It’s better if it’s a small description or sentence, not just a name. It can be from any kind: a food you liked specially, an old friend you met unexpectedly, a band that you discovered whose music is awesome, a coach that has helped you improve your life…
  • You name it. You’ll see how you find new uses for your new MAGIC NOTEBOOK.

Final note: this is our secret. Remember that it is YOUR notebook. You don’t need to show it off. You even don’t need to talk about it. It’s just for you. Enjoy it!

And remember to comment your experiences, and share this post if you like.